This is about realising that fashion industry is a really awfully polluting industry and that too few people know about it.

This is about questioning, showing the alternatives from what we know today.

This is about slowing down and doing things we do not usually do ourselves, in order to understand the value of all our things and stuff.


I did not start to slow down and to be zero waste conscious through my interest in clothes and shoes. No. It all started with my desire to come back to basics, to understand the whole process of things to get the full pleasure of those things, and perhaps, also because I thought it could be a good healing process to stop feeling overwhelmed by. Therefore, I started all of it by making bread and cheese, fermented veggies, and nut milks, brioche but without machines or tools, just like our elders. It takes me quite a lot of time whenever I decide to make those things, but I am “in communion with” all the ingredients – the textures, the smell, the resting times, and I do these in full consciousness, so IT IS A HAPPY PROCESS.

My other concern was to reduce the wastes and so to find ways to use everything I had – “I must have no waste”.

It is interesting how when you start to do it in one field then it becomes blindingly obvious in other fields. So, when I started to sew I decided to be zero waste and I started to measure and calculate every bit of fabrics to minimize my scraps as much as I could. But I also started to use second-hand fabrics, things found in flea markets, and to repurpose man garments or fabrics meant to be for furniture and towels. And to be honest, I did not really have to force myself because it appeared just logical to me – WHY WOULD I THROW AWAY WHEN I CAN SIMPLY USE.


And one day I came across a documentary talking about FASHION INDUSTRY BEING THE 2ND MOST POLLUTING INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD. I was million miles away from imagining that; this fact stroked me!

I felt that the pollution from gas, petroleum industries, transports, plastic bags… were already fairly covered by the media (even if I am not saying it is enough) but what about our clothes, accessories and shoes? We hear about the disaster of some fashion plants when something happens, we watch a tv show explaining that the washed-out jeans are made by people who have to breath and touch a dreadful amount of toxic chemicals and then die of respiratory problems, cancers; and then… nothing changed in our fashion habits. But I suppose we do not realise how important it is to change our consumption habits when it comes to clothes and shoes as well. The medias do not show us how terrible is the waste from fashion industry!

So obviously I do not know everything, and I do not want to be understood like I believe that I am conscious when the others are not, it is no way what I want to say. But I want to share the bit I know, what it is possible to do, to show that it is not always hard to change our habits (and that we can have fun with sewing, make eclectic garments and be Earth-conscious).


So here is my NO WASTE SPHERE and please feel free to share your positivity and experiences in the articles’ comment bar 🙂