I love sewing and I believe it can be a great mean to express and to show all the possibilities we still have when we want to be zero waste, eco-friendly and still trendy.

I try, from one way to another, to be zero waste in my sewing process and, what can look like an onus at first, brings a lot of fun and new experiences.

Therefore, from the fabrics to the lace through the buttons, all my sewing projects are made from remnant fabrics found in dedicated shops, finds from flea markets, charity shops, from wardrobes of parents and grand-parents, from simply old upholstery fabrics, towels, linens, etc.

Alright you have to like to rummage through piles of undefined things, but you will always find something, even if it is just some needles, curtains or ribbons. And do not get me wrong, it can be quite challenging sometimes as you might not have enough fabrics for the pattern you have in mind, but it is worth it for your inventiveness and the planet πŸ™‚

The BONUS: you will develop your creativity and your awareness.

If you are interested in what I sew you can go on my Instagram page where I share most of what I do.

And if you have any question about the fabrics, my inspirations, the exact places where I find those things and so on, please express it in the comments bar bellow.


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