We hear or read more and more these two words – “Slow Fashion”, which is great. People who care about what they wear might know what this means. However, i believe this is a blurred expression for many of us. So here it is, WHAT … Continue readingWHAT IS SLOW FASHION?

How to find cheap and ethical clothes but real cheap?

When we think cheap clothes we rarely, not to say never, think of ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly, organic fabric clothes. And it is understandable as when we think cheap we think H&M, Target or Primark and they are part of fast fashion industry so β€œlogically” everything … Continue readingHow to find cheap and ethical clothes but real cheap?

Is Vegan fashion ethical?

  These last couple of months I had the opportunity to talk with vegan people, who quite drastically believe in this cause. I should say that it is always a pleasure for me to discuss and argue about hot topics like this one, as I … Continue readingIs Vegan fashion ethical?